Bilstein 5100 vs 5125 – Know the Actual Differences

Whether you want something rugged enough to climb mountains and also a luxurious family-friendly car, Jeep has something to offer which will suit you. Jeep SUVs usually have a separate fan base. 

The people who love adventure, go mountains in their car and also require big space to keep all the necessary camping things, these SUVs are perfect for them. Often, people seek the answer between Bilstein 5100 vs 5125.

Today’s content is all about the differences between these two shocks. So, let’s start!

What’s the Difference Between Bilstein 5100 VS 5125?

A jeep vehicle is usually used for rough roads and mountains where it can easily go and for doing that smoothly the most important part of a jeep car is its shock absorber. 

If you want an easy-going tool that will lift your vehicle easily, matches your vehicle, and will play smoothly whenever you go on a rough road then Bilstein shock absorbers are the best solution for your jeep. 

Well, you will find a lot of high-rated shock absorbers available in the market but Bilstein is a brand that has quite a reputation. The Bilstein shock absorbers can give you comfort and it has the adjusting ability as per your vehicle needs. 

When you decide to buy a tool, you should ask yourself what is your need? What type of shocks can play better in your vehicle? Will it lift your vehicle the way you want to? Will it adjust to your vehicle? 

These things should be the first few things you need to understand before buying a Bilstein shock absorber. Bilstein has many types of shock absorbers among them Bilstein 5100 & Bilstein 5125 are most well featured. 

They both serve the purpose of any jeep users but when it’s time to compare and select between these two well featured and popular products it’s a tough thing to do. 

Both these two models of shock absorbers have different features and drives. You according to the below features you should choose.

Piston size:

Bilstein 5100 & 5125 both have a piston size of 46 mm.


Bilstein 5100 weighs a little more(5.64 pounds) than 5125 (4.81 pounds)

Rod size:

Bilstein 5100 & 5125 both features a rod size of 14 mm


Bilstein 5100 is 68.58x 8.89x 10.16 in dimension whereas 5125 is 26.8x 2.95x 2.95 in dimension

Body material:

Both the Bilstein 5100 & 5125 are made of plated steel.


A Bilstein 5100 is a good performer with fast transition & Bilstein 5125 is also good in performance but it’s smoother than 5100.

Adjustability :

Both the shock absorbers got adjustability 


Bilstein shock absorbers originate from the USA. 

Why are Bilstein Shocks Used?

Bilstein was the first brand that introduced the patented gas pressure principle for controlling ride characteristics. They are also the first brand that features monotube gas pressure shock absorbers. 

In today’s world, they are in the lead of this monotube gas pressure shock absorbers technology. They are not only famous for single and twin tube MacPherson strut style suspensions but also known for monotube gas pressure shock absorbers

A good shock absorber provides a better riding experience, better handling, and control. While choosing a shock absorber, if you compromise any one of these that might create a problem in another one too. 

Bilstein is ahead of the game in this section. Their shock absorber design is more focused to reduce the need for any compromise. Bilstein shock absorbers feature rising rate valving shock absorbers which provide necessary dumping and also react quicker to road conditions. 

This allows great comfort while riding on rough roads. Bilstein shock absorbers are a combination of valving and high-pressure nitrogen gas which allows the tyre constant contact with the road. This feature provides safety with enhanced control.

Reasons Why Bilstein Shocks are Better

1. Heat Management:

A shock absorber usually heats up fast reducing its performance along the way. Heat is one of the major disadvantages to the performance and longevity of any brand shock absorber. Traditionally designed shock absorbers trap the heat within the shock body which allows them to build up heat and eventual failure. 

On the other hand, Bilstein featured monotube gas charged design which allows it to transfer the excessive heat from the oil to transfer it to the outer surface of the shock body and eventually dissipate more quickly and efficiently. 

The dividing piston feature in Bilstein shock absorbers also permits the oil to expand as the heat builds. It prevents foaming and viscosity loss. These features help the shock to maintain full damping characteristics even when temperatures rise.

2. Superior Design:

The design of the tube of Bilstein shock absorbers featured a special extrusion method. This allows the shock absorbers to achieve an extremely tight peak to valley tolerance level and consistent wall thickness. The flawless design provides extraordinary tube strength and well heat management which help it to increase the shock life.

3. Better Build :

Most of the traditional tubes available in the market are made of shock bodies cut from a piece of steel tubing. Then they were stamped internally with a compromised tolerance level.

On the other hand, Bilstein shock absorber bodies are formed using a seamless unique extrusion process. This technology provides more superior strength and high tolerance level without compromising anything. 

The shock body is also treated with a durable paint finish which they test in a 240-hour salt spray. After finishing the body they mated it with solid steel chrome plated and polished shaft. 

They also use the best quality sealed for the valving components. Moreover, they spend a great amount of time and attention to the details that allow them to manufacture a shock absorber that is close to a hand-built shock absorber.

How Many Miles Does Bilstein Shock Last?

Usually, shock absorbers do not require frequent replacing like filters or spark plugs but eventually with time they do wear out and have to be replaced. It is hard to say when to replace a shock absorber as it largely depends on what types of road you are using on a day to day basis. 

When you feel that the dumping of your shock absorbers are not good and the control is not balanced, you should check whether the shocks need to be changed or not. 

The build quality of Bilstein shock absorbers is really good. Traditional shock absorbers can last up to 40000-50000 miles depending on the way you handle and riding style and because of better build quality, you should expect a bit more miles on your Bilstein shock absorbers. 

Now you may ask I rode 70000 miles with my Bilstein shock how do I know that if it needs to be changed? Well, a good way to test this is a bounce test. 

If the shock absorber continues to gyrate one and two times more than usual when you are rocking and releasing the bumper or body, it means your shocks are in such an age when you need to replace them.

Features of Bilstein Shocks:

  • First Monotube gas pressure construction
  • Improved control, safety, and sportiness
  • Added tire traction and enhanced control stability 
  • Augmented durability and upgraded performance while keeping a comfortable ride
  • Fine-tuned & road-tested by Bilstein for each vehicle specific application.
  • The lasting period of Bilstein shocks is a bit higher than other shocks.
  • Bilstein shocks provide a smoother, faster Transition.

Bilstein 5100 Shock Specialities:

  • Bilstein 5100 shock absorbers are more firm than stock ones. The valve of 5100 is slightly firmer when used in bigger wheels and tires.
  • Different types of vehicles will give different responses. A small jeep type vehicle will respond differently than a heavy-duty 3 or 4-ton vehicle.
  • Bilstein 5100 features an adjustable height allowing it to be a minor lift of the vehicle.
  • The Bilstein 5100 series are available for both lifted trucks and jeeps.
  • Bilstein 5100 shocks are adjustable according to your vehicle’s need.

Bilstein 5125 Shock Specialties:

  • Bilstein 5125 features a 46mm monotube design which allows it to give a consistent fade-free performance in all road conditions 
  • Digressive valving design instantly reacts to changing road conditions
  • It contains zinc coating for better resistance to off-road attributes.
  • Harshness is significantly low for high flow piston
  • It’s available from the eye to eye and stem to eye mounting configurations.

Final Thoughts 

Our technology is evolving every day. The Bilstein shock absorbers take it to another level to customize your vehicle. These shocks will give you the utmost comfort and longevity. 

You can choose any shocks you like but before buying you need to consider which one will give you more safety and better control. That’s why this article was filled with information on Bilstein 5100 vs 5125.

If it can’t serve your purpose there’s no need to buy that. So, before choosing, do a little research, see the customer reviews. Think about the facts and consider them while buying the suitable one.

Adjusting ability is very important while choosing a shock absorber and guess what? Bilstein shocks offer you the best adjustable shocks you can’t find in other brands and with this feature you can customize your vehicle more quickly and effectively.

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