7 Best Rims for Tundra [Expert’s Picks of 2022]

Rims are one of those products that require in-depth research. Considering the amount of money you spend, it’s better not to take any risks. When you’re getting a set of rims for your Toyota Tundra, many aspects, including fitment, outlook, price, and build, come to the spotlight.

It’s already tough to find a product that can exceed all areas. On top of that, the number of rim brands for Toyota Tundra is limited. 

So, we’ll not be getting into rims in general today. This article is dedicated to reviewing the 7 best rims for Tundra from Toyota. Seeing how many people struggle to find the suitable rim for their Toyota Tundra, we’ve created a guideline based on it.

Comparison Of Top 3 Picks on Aftermarket Wheels & Rims

Brand OE Wheels LLC Helo TRD
Exterior Machined Aluminum BLACK Matte
Item Diameter 17 Inches 17 Inches 18 Inches
Item Weight 31 Pounds 33.12 Pounds 34.3 Pounds
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Rim Size 17 Inches 17 Inches 18 Inches
Size (Inches) 17×7.5 17 X 9 18 X 8
Wheel Backspacing 5.04 Inches 4.53 Inches 5.01 Inches
Wheel Size 17 Inches 17 Inches 18 Inches

7 Best Rims for Tundra Reviews

Toyota Tundra replacement parts are complex to find and select by now as there are a lot of brands available in the market. But don’t worry! Here, we’ve put up a list of 7 high-quality possibilities.

1. OE Wheels LLC 17-Inch Rim – Best TPMS Sensored Rims

OE Wheels LLC 17-Inch Rim
OE Wheels deserves to be in the first spot when reviewing the top rims for Tundra. It’s made of aluminum and creates a perfect look for your truck. It’s an aftermarket rim, so you won’t have to pay as much as the original.

You’ll be surprised to see how much it reflects the original one after mounting it on your wheels. 

Other than its appearance, the unit is also strongly built and durable. You won’t have to replace it anytime soon. Since the rim is an essential part of the wheel, it needs to be robust and standard-looking. 

There can’t be a better option to get a combination of these features. Even though you won’t get the lugs, bolts, TPMS, and locks, the rim does come with a center cap. 

All in all, if you want Toyota Tundra aftermarket wheels that can be perfect replacements for the original ones, this is the one you should go for. 


  • TPMS sensors are supported
  • Durable rims of high quality
  • It seems to be the same rims that came with many vehicles
  • A perfect match for similar models


  • Chips might be made relatively simply
  • Don’t include TPMS, bolts, or locks in the delivery


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2. Helo HE878 Wheel – Perfect with a Great Value

Helo HE878 Wheel
Helo comes right after RTX in this list of the best rims for Tundra, and rightfully so. This part can offer your vehicle an entirely new outlook. There’s no easier way to change your truck’s appearance overnight. 

Helo HE878 has a black satin finish, the most attractive feature. Apart from the aesthetics, the brand also offers versatility. 

You can choose from different sizes to fit your truck. In addition, it accompanies the center cap, so there is no need to get that separately. 

Users are also amazed by the price Helo offers. It’s incredibly affordable compared to the feature you’ll be getting. 

So, even if you’re on a budget, there’s no need to worry about it. This rim is also backed by a 1-year warranty on lifting or peeling the finish. 


  • The customer support is constructive
  • High-quality materials and construction provide years of enjoyment
  • Fitting is a piece of cake
  • Compared to other options, it’s a great value


  • The packaging is not so good
  • Some users had difficulty cleaning it


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3. Genuine Toyota Tundra TRD PRO – Suitable for Heavy Loads

Genuine Toyota Tundra TRD PRO
With a contemporary outlook and strong built, these rims are bound to make the top list. TRD Pro Toyota Tundra rims are made for the latest models. If you’re getting this for Tundra 2007 and up or Sequoia 2008 and up, you can expect a perfect fit. 

As you can see, you’re getting versatility with this rim because its use isn’t limited to a specific model. However, that’s not the only perk. 

The rims are made of alloy, which means they’re lightweight. Another feature you will appreciate about these parts is how easy they can mount on the truck. 

Due to the material type, you can also rely on these rims for more excellent heat dissipation. 

In addition, they offer more rigidity on the road compared to stock wheels. Overall, you can say that it’s one of the best rims for Toyota Tundra.   


  • Strengthen the structure in the face of heavy loads
  • They’re not built of steel, yet they operate more efficiently
  • Premium Platinum alloyed material
  • Consumers rate this product as an excellent value for money


  • Tire sensors is not included in the package
  • Not included in the center cap


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4. OE Wheels LLC 20×8 Wheels – Top for Premium Quality

OE Wheels LLC 20x8 Wheels
Another model you can consider from the OE Wheels is this one that fits Lexus trucks, Toyota, and SUVs. You can use this for several Toyota Tundra truck models, so that’s a plus point. After all, searching for vehicle-specific rim models is always a hassle. 

Like any other rims from OE, this one is also made from aluminum. You will get the center cap with the rim but no lugs and bolts. So, make sure you’re okay with that before getting the rim. 

On a more positive note, you’ll get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. So, if you face any unwanted situation with the rim during that time, you can inform the seller, and they’ll take necessary actions. 

The exterior features a chrome finish for traction. SO, if that’s what you want your truck to have, it can serve a tremendous aesthetic purpose. Note that, unlike many other rims, it features a 4-piece construction. 


  • Aluminum with a high-quality machined finish
  • TPMS sensors is supported
  • Suitable with a wide range of Tundra models
  • A sleek and smooth finish that enhances the Tundra’s visual appeal


  • Modified brakes will not function with this
  • Unsuitable for several automobiles


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5. RTX Steel Rim – Appropriate for the Busy Roads

RTX Steel Rim
If you’re determined to get your truck only the best, RTX will surely be on top of your list. Several stunning features of this rim make your vehicle stand out in the crowd. For instance, if you want both convenience and durability, RTX Steel Rim can make your task a lot easier. 

As you can guess by the name, the rim features steel as its material. Even though steel can be a bit heavy, it’s worth it due to the price and durability. 

Also, the rim is a perfect fit for your Toyota Tundra to eliminate any kind of vibration with the bigger tires also. 

So, if you want an aftermarket rim to last longer and fit your truck wheels perfectly, RTX has no equivalent. 

Besides, the affordability makes the decision comparatively easier, so there’s not much confusion about whether you should get it or not. All in all, this is one of the best off-road wheels for Tundra.


  • Reduce the vehicle’s pressure by lowering the engine’s intake valves
  • Good grip on the rims
  • The method of installation is simple
  • Accurately tested for compliance with recognized quality standards


  • Some automobiles have issues reaching OEM specifications
  • Inexpensive hubcaps


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6. Pro Comp Alloys Series – Perfect for Off-Road Driving

Pro Comp Alloys Series
The last on our list is Pro Comp Alloy Series. There’s no need to assume that this one is lesser than any other rims we reviewed. The rim features alloy as its material. It’s durable and well-built and features a perfect finish for aesthetic purposes. 

So, if you wish to give your vehicle a modern look without increasing the weight, Pro Comp will be a viable choice. 

The lightweight features come in handy in this issue. In addition, you can also expect high offset brake clearance with this Alloys Series from Pro Comp. 

Another thing you can put on its pros is the price. Even though you’ll be getting very high-quality features with this rim, the price is surprisingly reasonable. 

Compared to other high-end chrome rims, this one will barely cost you. All in all, this is one of the best Tundra rim sizes.


  • The design and appearance are slick and refined
  • Low-Pressure Casting Technology was used
  • Lightweight and dependable 31 Stryker Matte Black
  • Assist you with off-road driving


  • Easily detachable stickers may be seen on the hub caps.
  • Has smaller diameters


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7. RockTrix RT110 17-inch Wheel – Fitted for on & Off-Road

RockTrix RT110 17-inch Wheel
RT110 from RockTrix is the most acceptable aftermarket option for Jeep Wrangler JKs from 2006 until the beginning of 2022. It’s a safe bet that this aluminum-built wheel will not let you down. Designed for both on and off-road use, this is a high-quality wheel.

Your Tacoma is well-suited to the RockTrix RT110 17-inch Wheel. Larger tires will fit because of the vehicle’s severe offset.

The matte black finish is applied to a one-piece wheel. The coating protects the vehicle from the elements.

You’ll need lift kits, and TPMS valve stems if you want to update your wheels and make them fit.

It maintains its stretched position beyond the fenders thanks to a twelve-millimeter offset. It makes sure the appearance is more rustic.

In addition, I was able to adjust my suspension components with around a one-inch inner clearance due to this.

Your truck’s wheels will benefit from RockTrix RT110 17-inch Wheel, an upgrade. You may get an additional two inches of inner clearance because of the extreme offset of this rotor.


  • A vehicle that can be used both on and off-road
  • Best rim with no hiccups when driving
  • Properly enhances Jeep’s visual appeal
  • For the money you paid, you got a great bargain


  • In certain states, the fender may need to be replaced
  • Unsuitable for several automobiles


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How To Choose the Best Rims for Tundra?

How To Choose the Best Rims for Tundra

Now that we’ve gone through the best wheels for Tundra, it’s time to specify the features that make a rim better than its competitors.

We’ve included a few attributes that you should consider before you can select the most suitable rim for your Tundra. 

Rated Capacity

Wheels are load rated, too, in addition to tires. The bolt design and wheel size structure both influence the load rating. To save weight, cast aluminum wheels often have a higher load rating than steel wheels, while forged wheels have the maximum load rating. 

For whatever kind of structure, lug nuts and bolt circles that are wider and have more lugs will distribute the weight more evenly, resulting in a higher rating.


One of the significant responsibilities of a rim is to compliment your truck’s appearance. Its primary function, which is to hold the tire, also stays visible from the outside, which requires some extra features. 

The model you’re choosing for your Tundra will vary depending on the outlook you desire. There are several finishes you can go for. If you want silvery, a chrome finish will be more proper than a black one. 


Budget is one of the crucial aspects, which goes without saying. The price of a rim will vary depending on the material, specification, and finish you’re choosing. If you want high quality in all aspects, you have to keep the budget up to the mark. 

However, there’s a way you can cut a large amount of cost. Using aftermarket products will get you deals you didn’t imagine.

So, if you’re trying to get a budget rim without sacrificing any feature, it’s best to get an aftermarket rim rather than getting an original one.  

Center Bore

The center of the wheel’s hole is referred to herein as the “spoke.” A larger bolt pattern circle means a more prominent center bore to fit overlocking hubs and full-floating axles.

Hub-centric wheels utilize the center took to place the wheel on the axle, while lug-centric wheels rely on the lug nuts.


Not all rims will fit your vehicle. No matter what truck you’re driving, it’s essential to get the size right. Many people assume that a rim will fit all trucks. There’s hardly any truth in that. 

Read the specification. Make sure you match everything with your truck before making the purchase. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes contacting the manufacturer can help.

Even if you can’t find the size for your vehicle, if you ask the manufacturers, they can inform you whether they have your model or not. 

Frame Materials

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that provides enough strength and durability without weighing down the body.

For applications requiring more weight, steel is a logical choice. Verify the consistency of the paintwork, backspace, and structure.

Decorative Seating Beads

With air pressure, the bead seat on the wheel keeps the tire bead seated. Lower air pressures are possible with this bead seat if tall and broad enough.

Using bead lock wheels, the tire is mechanically clamped to the wheel with bolts, making it difficult to dislodge even when the air pressure is zero.

User Reviews

Looking at the reviews of fellow truck owners can save you much money. Go through the user reviews of a specific brand before clicking the purchase button. You’ll be surprised to discover how many people have suffered from the wrong product.

Sometimes the product can be top class, yet the user fails to match the measurements with their wheels. So, going through the user reviews can provide you with some insights and make your expenditure more efficient.

3 Popular Toyota Tundra Wheel’s Tire Options for You

There are a plethora of alternatives to pick from regarding wheels, rims, and tires that might be overwhelming. To put it simply, tires are a little more “need-oriented.”

When choosing a tire and tire size, there are a few things to consider: price, intended usage, and accessibility. Some of the most common alternatives for Tundra owners will be discussed below.

Cooper Discoverer AT3

These tires are built to withstand rough terrain at an affordable price. The short lifespan on the highway has been a source of considerable dissatisfaction, but remember that tires should only be bought for their intended use. Despite this, they remain a popular choice.

Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar

However, Goodyear’s Wrangler tires, including bulletproof kevlar, are hard to match in terms of price. Off-road driving and severe weather situations will benefit from the aggressive tread pattern.

The only downside is that there is a little bit of noise with the alloy wheels. Despite this, kevlar tires might provide unequaled performance compared to other tires because of their long-lasting resilience.

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

While being more costly for an all-terrain tire, Pirelli is an expert in the field of tires. The cost of the Scorpion All Terrain Plus is affordable.

You’ll be able to handle mild off-roading with ease because of the aggressive and durable but comfortable tread pattern and compound.

How To Take a Tire Off a Rim at Your Home?

Item(s) You Need

  • A tool for removing the valve core
  • Lubricant for the rubber-rim junction of the tire
  • screwdriver for changing tires
  • Pry bar

Step One: Remove the Air Valve from the Tire

Find the tire’s air valve by laying it on a level surface. Use a valve core removal tool to remove the air valve’s core. The cylindrical metal valve will pop right out if you turn it the other way around.

Step Two: Drive the Vehicle to Separate the Tire Bead from the Rim

The tire has a bead that is very firmly bonded to the automobile’s tire. To get rid of it, you don’t even need a tool.

Driving the car for a bit is all you need to do. Check to see whether you’re driving on the rubber portion of the tire. Will cause it to break loose from its socket.

 Step Three: Remove the Pry Bar’s Sides Using Your Feet

After this point, the tire should be loosely attached to its rim. Once you’ve got the tire on the ground, use your feet to apply pressure on the tire’s rubber.

Make sure that the tire does not move while you are doing this. Keep the tire on a carpet or apply pressure to the tire’s body to do so.

While applying pressure to the rubber portion of the tire, be careful to push the front part of the tire into the ground. The rubber tire will eventually become more pliable if you keep driving on it.

Step Four: Apply the Tire Lubricant

Finally, it’s time to remove the tire from its metal rim. The automobile tire might get caught on the rim after repeated usage. To loosen the rubber tire-rim junction, use lubricant.

Making your dishwashing soap might serve as a substitute for commercial tire lubricant if you don’t have any on hand. However, we strongly advocate using automotive-grade oils.

Step Five: Raise the Rim’s Top Lip Over the Tire to Complete the Process

The tire has now been successfully removed from the rim. A screwdriver and pry bar is essential. Push down on the rubber portion on the outside with your feet.

When you’re done, slip the pry bar beneath the rubber part with it. Lift it till the bead is over the rim, and then lower it back down. To remove the bead, use the screwdriver to work your way around the tire.

Beads on both tires should now extend over the rim on both sides. Make sure that the pressure is maintained at the same level.

Step Six: Remove the Tire from the Wheel Hub

The tire should be entirely free of the tire rim at this point. You must remove the tire and use the pry bar to separate them. Check to see if you’re doing it on all four corners of the tire.

Rim Maintenance Tips

rim maintenance tips

Users often neglect the fact that rims need attention as much as any other parts of the vehicle. 

It’s an expensive part, and maintaining it can save you from unwanted costs in the future. So, let’s take a look at some ways to take care of your truck rims. 

1. Try to Avoid Bumping

You should consider caring more about the rims as obvious as it sounds. Many people don’t mind minor bumping every now and then.

What they fail to notice is the impact on the rims. When you randomly bum your truck, especially while parallel parking, the rim can take the hit.

It causes your rims to scratch, or worse, bend. You will soon be changing the rims, which is going to cost a lot compared to what you need to do to prevent it from happening. 

A smart way to avoid scratching your rims is to practice parallel parking somewhere safe. Make sure to use something that doesn’t damage your truck. 

2. Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Even those who are obsessed with keeping their truck clean can end up harming the particles in the long run. Using non-friendly materials can damage the rims, even though they’re effective in cleaning them.

For instance, if you use steel wool to clean the rims, they can harm the rims depending on what materials they’re made of. 

Another thing to keep at bay is acid cleaners. When you visit a garage to wash your car, they often use acid cleaners. These may make your rims cleaner and shinier, but they rip off the clear coat of the rims. So, as you can guess, it’s not good for the wheels.

3. Get Winter Wheels 

Driving around in the winter requires extra care for your wheels. You can get an extra set of rims to make the best out of winter. Steel is the most suitable rim material in the winter. 

Steel rims are inexpensive and heavyweight that can avoid slipping in the snow. Besides, they often lack any coating that can get damaged from scratches. 

4. Visit A Professional 

Don’t forget to take your truck to a professional mechanic to get an opinion about whether it needs any maintenance or not. Occasional visits to the mechanic can save you from major expenses in the future and make your vehicle more durable.

In Toyota Tundra, What Is the Most Common Cause of Wheel Bearing Failure?

Because of this, you are carrying significant radial forces even while going in a straight line is difficult for your Tundra’s bearings. The bearings support the entire vehicle’s weight.

Additional forces are generated while traveling at high speeds. Axial forces are generated if a curve is also pushed through. When driving on bumpy roads or over potholes, the bearings are subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

Bearings are more susceptible to damage from impacts than high loads. As a result, all-wheel bearings will ultimately break out. However, the driver’s behavior determines the speed at which they wear out.

Additionally, driving with imbalanced or misaligned tires or wheels might cause premature bearing failure on your Tundra.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Wheel Rims for Toyota Tundra?

  • OE Wheels LLC 17-Inch Rim
  • Helo HE878 Wheel
  • Genuine Toyota Tundra TRD PRO
  • OE Wheels LLC 20×8 Wheels
  • RTX Steel Rim
  • Pro Comp Alloys Series
  • RockTrix RT110 17-inch Wheel

When Should I Replace My Rims? 

If you experience any unusual occurrence, such as sound and vibration, it’s a good idea to check out the rims. Even if the rims aren’t broken, they may not be as efficient as they should be. 

If you have any confusion about any part of your vehicle, consult an expert. If they suggest changing the rims, you’ll know for sure what you have to do.

Is A Faulty Wheel Bearing on a Tundra Be Considered Safe to Operate?

Inside the wheel hub lies the wheel bearing style, which connects the wheel to the car. You run the risk of locking up or losing control of your Tundra if you continue to drive it for months with a faulty wheel bearing.

As a result, when symptoms first occur, it is imperative that a defective wheel bearing be changed as soon as possible.

Are Rims and Wheels the Same? 

Even though the terms are often interchangeable, they don’t mean the same thing. A rim is a part of the factory wheels or custom wheel that holds the larger tire.

On vehicles, the rim creates the external circular design on which the inside border of the tire mounts.

What Is the Proper Way to Read Rim Diameter?

The hub size is printed on the back of the rim, so look there. The rim’s diameter, breadth, and bolt pattern are divided into three measurements: diameter bolt pattern. 

It’s easy to tell whether your rim has a 14-inch diameter because of the rim’s 14 by 6 by 4.5 sizes or width.

How Much Do Rim Sets Cost? 

The cost of a rim set can vary widely. You can find Toyota Motor Corporation’s rims that only cost about $100, and the price goes way up to $1000.

So, on average, if you’re considering a set of quality rims for Toyota Tacoma also then you can expect to pay around $250 to $300.

Final Words

So, there you have it- a complete guideline to finding the best rims for Tundra. We’ve included a wide range of options for you to choose from. Note that the best product won’t be the same for everyone.

Someone who loves driving off-road won’t prefer the same rims as someone who doesn’t. So, it’s better not to pick something only because someone else did. 

Compare your activities with the options we provide, and you’ll find the one rim for you in no time. In case you don’t prefer any of the options from the list we provided, make sure to utilize our buying guide to evaluate the rim you’re considering.

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