5 Best Oil for Jeep 4.0 Engine to Buy In 2022

The best oil for jeep 4.0 engine will rely on various things. It may depend on your environment, how you drive your Jeep, and what sort of driving situations you experience. Jeep 4.0 engine is not for off-road driving or hunting, and it’s a daily vehicle that you may use in all different weather.

Looking for the finest oil for Jeep 4.0 engine? We realize the market is plagued with alternatives. But then it might make you perplexed about which one is suited for your automobile.

We have prepared this list, which has reduced a huge number of alternative possibilities to 5 in number. 

Best Overall: Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil – 5 QT

When protecting your engine, we choose Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil- 5 Quart as the best oil for jeep 4.0 engine. Because it is suitable for both low and high temperatures, 10W-30 is the best oil viscosity grade in its class. Both the summer and winter seasons will be easier to get started.

Additionally, Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 full synthetic motor oil helps keep the oil from oxidizing, leading to oil deterioration. Additionally, it is designed to allow engines with more than 75,000 miles on the clock to continue up to 10,000 miles without an oil change.

Also, enhanced lubrication and wear protection of the engine can be achieved by precise regulation of viscosity. It also improves the stability of thermal oxidation. In addition, a thick layer of oil prevents sludge and deposits from accumulating. As a result, fuel efficiency and engine life are both improved.

As the last point, we choose mobile 1 above other brand since it tastes better and keeps you regular. It is also possible to avoid turbochargers and other internal component problems when using this oil regularly.

Overview of Jeep 4.0 Engines

AMC, the firm responsible for the Jeep and its inline 6-cylinder engine, built the first 4.0L engine for the Jeep. Despite this, Chrysler took over the manufacture of the Jeep 4.0L and continued to support it until 2006. They also improved it on a virtually yearly basis.

The compression ratio of 8.8:1 was achieved using 12 overhead valves and a 3.41-inch stroke for the 4.0-liter engine. In the Wrangler, this engine’s fuel economy was rated on the highway- 17 mpg, overall-15 mpg, and in the city-13 mpg. It had 190 hp at 4,600 rpm and 235 lb-ft of torque at 3,200 rpm, respectively. On the other hand, with an automatic transmission, the fuel economy declined to 16 mpg on the highway, 14 mpg overall, and 13 mpg in the city.

In other words, they’re built to last. Most have been reported to last as much as 150,000 kilometers on a single charge. However, there are reports that these engines may survive more than 200,000 miles if properly cared for and maintained. In certain cases, vigorous riding and off-roading might help alleviate this problem.

How will you change the oil on your Jeep 4.0 engine?

Using a jack stand or ramps, lift your Jeep to do an oil change. When the engine is warm, performing this method will allow the oil to flow out more quickly and safely. Ensure that the drain stopper is placed below the main oil pan’s drain pan.

Unscrew the drain cap with a tool and let the oil drain into the pan until it is empty. Put the drain cap back in place and make sure it’s secure. There should be no holes or gaps in the wall. Under the oil filter on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, place your drain pan.

Before pouring the fresh engine oil:

  1. Remove the old oil filter and install a new one.
  2. Then remove the old filter by loosening the gasket O-ring and making sure the rubber gasket isn’t linked to the engine.
  3. Use your hand or a tool to tighten the new filter into place.

Fill the engine with 5-6 quarts of new engine oil, then reinstall the cap and tighten it to the point where it clicks back on. Let the car run for a few minutes before shutting it down. Then inspect the vehicle’s underneath for any oil leaks and check the oil level using a dipstick. After that, it’s time to lower it.

5 Best Oil for Jeep 4.0 Engine

So, take a quick visit to our recommended 5 top best oil engine oil for your Jeep 4.0. Let’s go:

Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil – 5 QT

High mileage engines like Jeep 4.0 Engine can benefit from using Mobil 1 High Mileage full synthetic motor oil 10W-30. Also, it features a special blend that protects 10,000 miles between oil changes with over 75,000 miles on the odometer.

To help prevent oil leaks in older vehicles, Mobil 1 High Mileage includes a seal conditioner. Moreover, synthetic oil molecules are uniformly distributed, reducing friction, preventing deposits and sludge from building up.

This scientifically enhanced formulation provides excellent heat and low-temperature protection (to -20 degrees Fahrenheit), making it ideal for cold-weather starting and ultrafast protection. When protecting your engine from LSPI, Mobil 1 High Mileage might be of great assistance.

Key Features

  • Cleaning solutions that work to remove accumulated gunk from your engine
  • Innovative Extend the life of your vehicle with a fully synthetic blend that provides excellent overall engine protection
  • Oil leaks are prevented by using a sealant to keep the engine’s seals in good condition.
  • The oil has excellent thermal and oxidative stability and protects for up to 10,000 miles among changing the oil.
  • It has exceptional wear prevention with a precise combination of performance additives.


  • Reduces sludge and deposit buildup.
  • Designed to reduce or halt oil leaks
  • Designed for vehicles with moreover 75,000 miles.


  • Returning to conventional oil may result in leakage.

Castrol 03081 Edge 10W-30 Motor Oil- 5 QT

It has been proven that Castrol’s unique titanium technology effectively reduces friction, prevents wear, and controls deposits. Also, the performance and strength are guaranteed by titanium-based technology.

Castrol EDGE is the company’s most technologically sophisticated engine oil. It is designed for clients who seek the maximum performance from their automobiles. This oil is a premium complete synthetic product. 

Leading automakers suggest Castrol EDGE motor oil. So, the fluid titanium technology in Castrol EDGE is designed to alter the oil’s behavior under pressure physically.

Increasing the pressure will put greater strain on the oil, which will increase the likelihood of sloshing. In addition, metal-to-metal contact wears out and decreases performance as the amount of metal-to-metal contact grows. Pressure might exceed 10 tons per square centimeter under the hood.

Key Features

  • Superior to traditional and synthetic mix oils in terms of engine protection.
  • Superior resistance to oxidation, wear, and deposits.
  • Following GM 4718M and Chrysler MS 6395.
  • ACEA A1/A5 and B1/B5 exceed ILSAC GF-5 and API SN.
  • 42% higher grade on robbing deposits fighting power


  • Power-robbing deposits, as well as leaks, are reduced
  • Film breakdown is reduced by titanium technology
  • Enhances efficiency in terms of fuel consumption


  • Low-temperature use is not recommended.

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil-5 QT

It’s no surprise that Valvoline is a household brand in the automobile oil sector. Valvoline High Mileage with Maxlife Technology removes the accumulated sludge that has built up over the course of a lifetime of hard labor from your Jeep.

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil provides the maximum protection for hard-working Jeeps in the harshest of situations. This technology was used in its creation, and it’s specifically designed to combat the intense engine stress caused by stop-and-go travel, cold weather, and hauling and towing.

Choose Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil when you want to maintain your engine running at its peak performance level. The unique additives in Maxlife are also designed to help stop leaks in their tracks by reinvigorating the seals.

Key Features

  • To combat sludge and deposits, more detergents are needed.
  • Industry-recognized Sequence IVA wear testing
  • High- and low-temperature resistance provided by a fully synthetic formula
  • Excellent antioxidants can withstand the degradation of motor oil even in the harshest environments.
  • Anti-wear compounds that are 40 percent more effective than industry requirements have been developed.


  • Antioxidants to protect oil breakup
  • Protective anti-wear coating.
  • Revitalizes the engine’s gaskets.


  • Engines with extreme wear will not benefit from this product.

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil- 5 QT

It’s no secret that Pennzoil is one of the world’s leading oil producers, selling millions of gallons of oil each year to customers throughout the globe.

This high-performance Pennzoil Platinum oil is designed for harsh temperatures, providing quicker low-temperature oil flow and protection against excessive heat.

Pennzoil Platinum motor oil travels swiftly to lubricate the different engine components in extremely cold conditions. Also, it has a decreased evaporation rate when exposed to extremely high temperatures.

Pennzoil Synthetic motor oil provides the best engine protection in the industry. Check out the benefits of natural gas-based synthetic motor oil if you’re headed to Daytona or need to get home fast.

Key Features

  • Better fuel economy—an additional 550 miles per year
  • More than 45 percent cleaner than the industry standard, Pennzoil Platinum 10W-30
  • No other synthetic oil delivers superior friction wear prevention.
  • Formulated for quicker low-temperature oil flow and heat protection
  • Ergonomic 5-quart container for easy handling and pouring


  • More kilometers per year for improved fuel economy
  • Adhesives for preventing wear
  • All traditional oils can be used in conjunction with this product to avoid sludge and buildup.


  • Some complaints of container leaking have been made.

Royal Purple 51130 API-Licensed SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil-5 QT

Royal Purple 51130 motor oils are patented preservative skills to provide high-quality engine oils that maximize engine performance and better protection.

Also, no more steps are required to upgrade to Royal Purple 51130. This oil can be used in conjunction with synthetic oils or minerals without any issues. However, Royal Purple advises new gasoline engines to wait until the opening programmed oil alteration before changing.

Royal Purple claims that their high-performance engine oil can boost fuel efficiency and extend the life of catalytic emissions systems.

Royal Purple 51130 engine oils provide exceptional protection and enhance overall performance in both and diesel gasoline engines. In addition, Dexos1 and ILSAC GF-5 standards are met by Royal Purple 51130 engine oils.

Key Features

  • The fuel economy is improved when the coefficient of friction is low.
  • Enhanced fuel economy is achieved by using a tire with a low coefficient of friction.
  • Improved compatibility with ethanol-based fuels
  • Better-quality compatibility with ethanol-based fuels
  • Upgraded protection against LSPI and increased fuel efficiency
  • Better compatibility with ethanol-containing fuels 


  • Compatibility with ethanol-containing fuels
  • Better resistance to corrosion
  • And better protection for the costly catalytic emission system.


  • Costlier than competitors’

Jeep 4.0 Oil Type by Year

Conventional or petroleum-based, synthetic, synthetic mix, and high mileage are all sorts of motor oil that you may choose from, but what you need depends on the type of engine in your vehicle. For example, for each Jeep 4.0 engine year model, there are variable oil capacity and particular oil needs.

The Jeep 4.0 engine oil requires motor oil to function correctly and exceed its service life expectancy. Therefore, you must use the correct motor oil to protect, clean, lubricate, and cool down the engine. Not doing so might wind up costing you much money in repairs, or worse, the engine may have the risk of being destroyed.

Grand Cherokee Model-Specific Oil Recommendation Table

Having a thorough grasp of both general and specialized types of motor oil, let’s examine the specific 1996 Jeep 4.0 engine oil type, 1998 to 1999 Jeep 4.0 engine oil, 2001 to 2002 Jeep 4.0 engine oil type, 2006 Jeep 4.0 engine oil type, and 2018 to 2019 Jeep 4.0 engine oil type recommendations.

Year/ Model Oil Capacity
(Quarts or Liters)
Engine Type Specific Oil Type
2019 8.1qts. / 7.66L
7qts. / 6.2L5.9qts. / 5.58L
3.0L V6
3.6L V6
5.7L V8
5W-20 Synthetic 

5W-40 Synthetic
0W-20 Synthetic


2018 5.9qts. / 5.58L

5.5qts. / 5.2L


3.2L V6

2.4L 4-Cylinder


SAE 0W-20 Synthetic
2006 7qts. / 6.2L

6qts. / 5.7L

5qts. / 4.7L

4.7L V8
5.7L V83.7L V6
5W20 Synthetic

5W30 Synthetic

2002 6qts. / 5.7L 4.0L V6

4.7L V8 (Code [N] N)
4.7L V8 (Code [J] J)


10W30 (Above 0F)
Synthetic /5W30 (Below 100F)
2001 6qts. / 5.7L 4.0L V6 SAE 5W-30 Synthetic
1999 5qts. / 4.7L 5.9 V8 5W-30 Conventional
1998 5qts. / 4.7L 5.2L V8 5W-30 Synthetic
1996 6qts. / 5.7L 4.0L L6 STP 10W-30 High Mileage


Jeep 4.0 Oil Capacity

Here, this is the details about the oil capacity of your jeep 4.0:









Jeep Wrangler 4.0 l engine and oil pan capacity

Jeep Wrangler 4.0 l I-6

Model: Shara and Sport 

Manufactured in: 2005.

Type of Fuel: Petrol.

Oil pan and Engine volume: 1.5 gallons US or 5.7 liters

Viscosity for recommended motor oil: 5W-30.

Quantity of manual gear box oil: 0.4 Us gal or 1.5 L

Oil volume of automatic gearbox: 3.8 l or 1 qt US.

Jeep Wrangler 4.0 l I-6

Model: Shara and Sport 

Manufactured in: 2005.

Type of Fuel: Petrol.

Oil pan and Engine volume: 1.5 US gallons or 5.7 liters

Viscosity for recommended motor oil: 5W-30.

Manual gear box oil quantity: 3.3 l or 3.49 qt US or 0.87 Us gal.

Adequate viscosity for manual gear box best oil: 75w90.

Oil volume for automatic gearbox: 4.7 / 6.3 l or 4.97 or 1.66 qt US.

Engine and Oil Pan Capacity

of Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 4WD

Manufactured between: 1996-1999.

Type of fuel: gasoline.

Volume of the engine and oil pan: 1.51 gallons US or 5.7 liters

Viscosity for recommended motor oil: 5w40.

Oil quantity of Automatic gearbox: 1 – 3.51 gal or 3.8 – 13.3L

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 4WD 

Manufactured between: 1999-2000.

Type of fuel: gasoline.

Volume of the engine and oil pan: 1.51 gallons US or 5.7 liters

Viscosity for recommended motor oil: 5w40.

Oil quantity of Automatic gearbox: 2.4 – 3.52 gal or 9.1 – 13.4L

Different Types of Engine Oil on Different Weather

When It’s Hot Outside:

If your Jeep is typically driven in the summer, you should use a higher SAE winter grade oil.

Many Jeep owners’ manuals recommend 10W30 oil in this situation. As a result, both the start-up and high-end operations were effectively protected. There is no problem with using 10W-30 motor oil at all stages of operation.

When It’s Cold Outside:

The best way is to monitor the viscosity of your engine oil throughout the winter months. Viscosity ratings, such as 5W-30, 10W-30, and 15W-40, are used to describe the viscosity of a particular oil.

A 5W-30 would flow like SAE 5W at low temperatures and SAE 30W at hot. As a result, the lower the first number of a certain oil’s SAE classification is, the better it performs in cold weather conditions.

The heavier lubricants with a 5W SAE designation are recommended for jeep owners operating in tough winter conditions.

An all-year-round defense

However, since the heyday of the 4.0 engine, many advances in engine oil technology have been achieved, the most significant of which has been the invention of synthetic lubricants.

There’s no need to switch from winter to summer oil because synthetic oils are superior at protecting against a wide range of weather conditions.

For today’s 4.0-liter Jeeps, a premium synthetic 5W-30 oil is all that is needed to protect them from the elements. Additionally, it streamlines the maintenance procedures connected with Jeeps by saving Jeep owners time, cash, and headache.

Things to Consider Before Buying Engine Oil For Your Jeep 4.0 Engine

Several important factors influence the general acceptability. To ensure a good purchase, you must be aware of all the variables. For the finest jeep 4.0 engine oil, it’s important to keep these things in mind.

Model of Car

The 4.0 engine has been utilized in several Jeep vehicles since the inception of these engines, including the Wrangler and Cherokee. Consider checking your car’s manual for any particular instructions that may apply to your vehicle.


The Jeep 4.0 engine’s recommended motor oil viscosity ranges from 10W-30 to 5W-30. The latter is a better choice for cold weather. Note that 10W-30 is also an excellent choice for these kinds of situations. However, some automobile manuals may only recommend it during the summer months.

The finest and maybe most appropriate oil is 10W-30 in general. However, it’s fine to use 10W-40, even if it’s somewhat less thick. The Jeep 4.0 10W-30 and 10W-40 motor oils are suitable for most driving situations.


We’re discussing Jeep 4.0L systems, but you need to verify compatibility first. Due to various limitations, you may not be able to take advantage of the most desirable alternatives. The jeep 4.0 suggested oil type can only be found in the owner’s handbook. The time and money you’ll save by doing this right now are priceless.


The Jeep 4.0 has a six-quart oil capacity. So, you’ll need both a single pint and a five-quart oil bottle to fill the engine.

The type of formula

The algorithm for categorizing the availability into three components. Conventional, semi-synthetic/semi-synthetic, or synthetic are your options.

Pure synthetic molecules can be supported by modern engine complexity. However, if you can’t go all synthetic, you may use traditional or synthetic mixtures instead.

Conditions for a container

A large number of clients expressed their displeasure with the oil container. But, of course, you won’t be able to get any metal containers. Consider the handles, seals, and spouts to make handling and pouring easier. Don’t forget to look for any leaks on the whole surface.


How much does it cost to replace the best oil for jeep 4.0 engine?

The best oil for jeep 4.0 engine costs only $45 to $85. Changing the fee is expected to cost between $35 and $45. Total costs range from $65 – $110, with an average cost of $90.

On my Jeep 4.0, how often should I get the oil changed?

It all relies on your driving habits to answer this question. Changing the oil every 5000 miles is a good rule of thumb if you often drive your Jeep.

However, if you utilize your car for on-road travel, you may get away with a single interval lasting up to 7500 or even 10000 miles.

Whether jeeps require synthetic oil is a matter of debate.

Modern engine systems are more sophisticated than ever before, and synthetic oil can quickly adapt to them. So, if you don’t have any dietary limitations, common oils are OK to avoid. However, some advantages can be gained by switching to synthetic oil.

Do Synthetic and Conventional Oils Mix?

It isn’t advisable. To conserve oil, a large number of individuals throughout the world have embraced this approach. If you’re running low on oil, you should do this. Regardless of the quality of the oils, combining them lowers their efficacy.

Is there a minimum oil capacity needed for a Jeep 4.0?

4.0L jeep engines come with either a 6Qt or 5.7L oil capacity by default.

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